This site contains most of the use of our local medicinal plants and herbs. The effective use of Philippine medicinal plants that can be found everywhere in our country. Many companies have already manufactured many medicinal plants like ampalaya, lagundi, banaba as an effective herbal treatments as well as for preventive measures. For example, the ampalaya or bitter melon is processed as tea or capsules to treat certain kind of diabetes. Since it was introduced in the market, it became popular. The lagundi leaves became popular also treating cough.

Many local medicinal plants were already in the market processed mostly as tea or other kind of beverage for convenience. No need to search for them in the bushes or wet market then wash, chop, grind and boil. There are also some herbal ointments that can be substituted to making poultice, a tedious task. So I hope all the contents in this sites are very helpful to you, please visit often.


Filipino Herbs Healing Wonders

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  1. ver silvestre

    makabuhay also helps in the reduction of blood sugar in humans. i hope further studies be made to help people with diabetes. the stem are boiled or dip in a glass of water for about 5 to 10 minutes.

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