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Backache Treated Via Aromatherapy?

By Mike Herman

An all too common ailment is that of back pain. Back pain for you, if at all, may be minor, however for many people, and increasing as people age, back pain can be debilitating and interfere with a person's life.

There are many different types of back pain, from upper and lower back to chronic pain (back pain is pain that is daily and lasts longer than two weeks) that may come from:

. Poor Posture, not standing up straight, not wearing supportive shoes or very high heels

. Injury or straining your back as a result of picking up or carrying something that was too heavy to lift

. Sleeping wrong, or on a mattress that isn't adequately supporting your weight

. Pregnancy - the growth of the woman's baby and the size of her abdomen throw the body terribly out of alignment and off balance.

. Being over weight - A person who is overweight tends to accumulate fat around the abdomen and loose the muscles. When this occurs, it throws the posture and balance out of alignment and the back is then used to make up the difference.

It is important that you a careful with your back when at you place of work or at home. This may mean that you wear a back brace at work when picking up heavy objects and use your legs when lifting. Also, you should always bend at your knees when picking something up. Many people make the mistake of bending at the waist to pick up heavy objects and this can result in strained back muscles, or back injury.

Another good way to prevent back pain is to keep an eye on your weight and to exercise. Being overweight can lead to chronic back pain. When the abdomen becomes overstretched and the stomach muscles are lost, stomach muscles help support the back, the back muscles will be used to counteract the effect of slack abdomen muscles. By keeping the abdomen toned and not becoming overweight and exercising you can save yourself from having a bad back.

Part of your exercise can be some gentle Yoga stretching exercises. Always check with your chiropractor or doctor before starting any exercise, but Yoga is wonderful for the spine and most likely will be recommended by your doctor.

Additionally aromatherapy can be a great help to you in treating your backache.

Aromatherapy massage can be a wonderful tool in treating chronic back pain. There are many natural essential plants, and essential oils, that contain the healing properties and can be massaged into the skin will relieve pain and pressure at the cellular level.

It is important to make sure that if you feel any strong pain, then to stop the massage at once.

If you are pregnant, it is important to read the safety precautions on the label and make sure that you don't use any essential oils that can cause harm or danger to the baby.

A great massage oil for back pain and ailments may be made by using two drops of Eucalyptus oil, two drops of Lavender oil, and 1 drop of Lemon oil. Take this blend and add it to 1 ounce of carrier oil. A great carrier oil to use for this blend is jojoba oil.

You can get more from the essential oils by heating your massage oil before using it. You can heat it by putting the oil in an amber colored jar, then placing it in a bowl of hot water. Don't try to microwave it, this can cause the oil to become too hot and burn the recipient during the massage.

You can also take hot oil baths to relieve the pain after the massage. There are many natural essential oils that will help relieve the pain. To make a great hot aromatic pain-relieving bath, use 10 drops of Eucalyptus and 10 drops of Peppermint added to your bath.

Soak in the hot bath for at least 20 minutes to achieve the full therapeutic benefits.

If you are pregnant, make sure that you read the safety precautions on the label of any essential oils that you are using.

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