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Maintaining Your Body With Work

By Bryan Brodeur

We are born by way of a trauma. We undergo, daily: traumas, strains, abnormal postural positioning, and a whole host of events that bend and twist our physique into the wrong form. The events we endure deposit stress into our muscle system.

Stress of a physical, chemical, or emotional origin come into your body every day and diminish the power your body might otherwise have. In a nutshell, we deform our physique on a daily basis. If our nervous system, our arterial system, our lymphatic system, and our venous system rely so heavily on our flexibility and our balance, what do we expect: a twisted, stiff body to deliver to us? What sort of body will we have?

Many people will have tried a massage, or a visit to the chiropractor, or a consultation with a physiotherapist. These are the experts that can bring our body to its proper form. We cannot, alone, guarantee and maintain a properly shaped and a fully flexible physique. We need body work.

I believe that in an ultimate life, we would each have a session of body work on a weekly basis from the day we are born, on throughout the rest of our life. If you have had only one or two such sessions in your life, even if you have had two dozen, I promise you are far from the proper shape. Before you jump onto any program that chemically or surgically attempts to alter your life, make a commitment to the physique work you have learned, and to the body work we are discussing.

I am amazed at the amount of money we will waste on lavishly expensive supplements and drugs while we are walking in crooked frames with handicapped circulatory and nervous systems.

What is the point? Invest the time and the money in proper body work if you wish to have a full flourishing life.

Most of my new patients who come to my office in their mid to late thirties have one or more inches of difference in leg length due entirely to unhealthy shifts in their posture. This means they have clotted their arteries, their veins, their lymphatic vessels, and that they have blocked the flow of their nervous system in multiple areas, throughout their body, for years, often for decades.

They normally come to me with a backache, or a muscle ache, or a pinched nerve. The response that is expected is a complete resolution of their issue with a few treatments, or perhaps some sort of supplement or medication that can hide their pain.

This sort of attitude towards our physique is exactly why we die primarily of degenerative diseases. A full postural correction in a mature adult can require a year of body work, often with sessions of care three times every week. This isn't an easy commitment for most adults to make when they never understood the necessity of body work in the first place.

Understand that from the time you begin body work, your ultimate commitment and your best results will come from a weekly commitment to bringing your core to its correct form, for the remainder of your life.

About the Author:

Dr. Bryan Brodeur has a Health and Wellness clinic in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, and is the owner of VitalityHouse.

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