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How to Cure Lower Back Pain In Days

By Lana Rolfe

My husband had lower back pain for 10 years. X-rays had revealed that he had a slightly slipped disc in his back. He had been to see Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists and nothing had worked.

Eventually he allowed the pain to control him and he grew frustrated and worried daily about how he would play with our children when the time came.

After 10 years and an unknown amount spent on professionals we were willing to try anything.

We experimented with various techniques and this is what we found:

When we focus on something, we give it energy.

When we focus on pain, we attract pain.

When we focus on love, we attract love.

Our bodies are designed to be healthy- If your body is in a state of dis-ease it is trying to tell you something is wrong.

There may be various reasons why your body has created this dis-ease and it is up to you to play detective. In my husband's case it was more than one reason.

Firstly, he lower back region of the body relates to support and finances. My husband has not had the support he needed from his family and friends and whenever we returned from a family visit his back was much worse.

Secondly, he might be creating the lower back pain in order to NOT participate. Now I know this might sound like self sabotage and that is EXACTLY what it is. In order for him to not make a fool of himself or fail at the activity he simply gave himself back pain as an excuse to not even try.

Now, you have to understand that this is all SUBCONSCIOUSLY. He did not "give" himself pain knowingly.

Your subconscious is immensely powerful.

It has a primary goal: To make whatever you believe to be true.

Say, "My back is killing me today" and it will probably hurt twice as much as it normally does.

Pay attention to your words and thoughts. Your subconscious is ALWAYS listening.

And that's why we decided to use it to our advantage.

Affirmations. Ever heard of them? Yes, the mantras you recite over and over to yourself in the hope that what you say comes true.

Well, guess what?

They work!

He wrote the following on a small piece of cardboard and carried it in his pocket and every time he went to the bathroom he would repeat it over and over- about 50 - 100 times a day.


And the lower back pain disappeared within 3 days and he is now able to do exercises (the "cobra pose" in Yoga is a great exercise for strengthening the lower back).

He still uses the affirmations and does 50 "cobra" repetitions a day and so far is still free from lower back pain.

What a pleasure!

Lana Rolfe is a Life therapist and qualified in various alternative therapies. She runs a successful private practice where she assists people in becoming their SublimeSelf©. Her goal is to raise awareness of the body's own ability to heal itself and to share proven methods with millions around the world at

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