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A Comparison Between Natural and Synthetic Products

By Rich Marsiglia

There is growing concern regarding the use of natural products over synthetically engineered products. Many of today's ailments may be linked to the lack of natural products in our lives. It may be beneficial to detoxify your environment to promote overall health and wellness.

Natural health products, for example, may be more effective at being absorbed into the body. Synthetic products may have extra ingredients that are not necessarily healthy. Many synthetic products contain dyes, preservatives, and a multitude of other ingredients that do not offer any health benefit. These same ingredients may also contribute to allergies. Natural products offer the possibility of avoiding the chemicals contributing to allergies and other illnesses.

Take note that there is very little supporting documentation in support for either type of product. However, it is logical to conclude that utilizing natural health products in your life can only benefit you. Most natural health products come at a higher cost. This higher cost is no comparison to the possible health benefits in your life. Think about how nice it would be to control your allergies or illness using products that are all obtained from the highest quality sources and natural sources instead of synthetically created products.

For example, I have discovered personally that medicines prescribed for cholesterol management come with many side effects. Such as muscle pain and leg pain. Where as, I have found a couple of naturally based products that are helping me personally and I have seen no side effects to date. I've been taking the natural products for about a year now. There are a couple of natural products that I have found. They are derived from plants and/or soy protein.

Another finding which supports the concept that natural sources are better than synthetic is the research done on Vitamin E. It was found that naturally obtained Vitamin E was absorbed and retained better than synthetic Vitamin E. Researchers have long known that natural vitamin E, milligram for milligram, is about 36 percent more potent than the synthetic form of the vitamin. In fact, the "international unit," or IU, standard was developed to compensate for these differences. But two studies using different groups of people - not laboratory animals - have found that natural vitamin E is utilized twice as efficiently as the synthetic form. "Natural vitamin E may cost twice as much , but you get twice as much bang for your buck," Graham W. Burton, PhD, told The Nutrition Reporter. Burton, a researcher at the National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, directed one of the studies.(Retrieved from The Nutrition Reporter March 25,2007,

I can only speak from personal experience, but what I have learned so far is that the more natural you can make your environment the better. Remove the toxins from your environment it can only benefit you in the long run. How often have you heard about various everyday chemicals in our environment found to cause cancer? If we all work towards utilizing natural health products and household items containing more natural ingredients we might be able to prevent illnesses like cancer or control conditions like asthma and high cholesterol.

Author Rich Marsiglia, Natural Health Products at YourHealthyPlace

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