How to Treat Burns

A burn is an injury on the skin and flesh resulting from application of heat, radiation, friction and electricity.

Skin Burn Treatment Using Water

  1. Soak burn area in cold water immediately. Soak for 10 minutes to relieve pain.
  2. If there are blisters, do not puncture the blisters. Keep dry and clean. Keep from flies and dust. Cover the burn area with a clean piece of cloth. Iron cloth before using it to cover the burn area.
  3. If the burn involves a large area of the body, bring the patient to the nearest hospital. Do not do anything to the patient. Let him lie down and cover him with clean sheet to keep him warm.
  4. If the burn area involves a small area, soak in warm salt solution for 20 minutes after 24 hours. Formula for warm salt solution: 1/2 cup of salt in a basin of warm water, or 1/2 cup in a pail of water. Soak once a day for 3 days or until burn dries up.

Herbal Medications Skin Burn Treatment

  1. Sabila leaves ( english: Aloe Vera )
    • Wash leaves with soap and water. Pound the leaves and extract juice. Apply juice on the burn area after soaking in warm salt solution, once a day.
  2. Atsuete leaves ( english: Annatto )
    • Wash leaves with soap and water. Boil ten leaves in 5 glasses of water. Let it cool. Soak the burn area for 10 minutes, once a day.

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