Eliminate Fever Blisters or Cold Sores Without Medicine

By Lisa Andrews

A fever blister or cold sore is a fluid-filled, painful blister. The infection from the virus erupts as small painful blisters on the usually on the outside of your lips, or the mouth area. Fever Blisters can form on other parts of your body such as on your fingers. This is quite uncommon, but it does happen. At one time, my mother-in-law had one on her ear.

Oral herpes, or Herpes Simplex virus, is very common. More than 60% of Americans have had a fever blister or cold sore at one time or another, according to the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, and 25% reoccur. Canker sores or “mouth ulcers” are also a form of the virus.

The herpes virus can be spread to anyone by direct contact. A person is most contagious when the blister first appears and when the scab forms at the end. So, be sure to always wash your hands. There are several causes that seem to bring on a fever blister/cold sore. Exposure to the sun, especially for several hours, always triggered a fever blister for me growing up. I learned, the hard way, to always wear sunscreen on my lips while out in the sun for long periods of time. Also stress, an illness such as a cold, certain types of diet, a fever or during a woman’s menstruation can cause an outbreak. A fever blister starts out as a tender, tingling or burning sensation on your lip, or other area affected. (On my finger I could see tiny blistery circles under the skin that were very tender) Within a day or two a small blister will develop that grows larger, as did with my finger, and sometimes spreads. The puffy fluid-filled blister will be tender, very sore and embarrassing, too.

Let’s look at some Home Remedies that you can use to get rid of those awful fever blisters: When you first feel the tenderness, a tingle or twinge on your lip hold a piece of ice, wrapped in a cloth, on the spot for as long as you can stand it. Repeat process several times a day. The ice will deaden the oncoming blister, which will prevent it from blistering up. It must be applied when tenderness is first noticed or it won’t help.

If a blister does appear break off a leaf from an Aloe Vera plant and rub the liquid gel to the blister. It smells nasty, but works wonders! Apply the Aloe Vera several times a day especially at night before bed. Your fever blister will dry up and go away within a few days. Make sure you keep a plant around the house. It’s easy to grow and works great for many problems. Tea tree oil can be applied to the blister which should help it go away within a few days.

I can’t say enough about using Aloe Vera because for me, it is the BEST treatment. It works for me every time, even on those ugly blisters that appeared on my fingers. Hopefully it will work for you, too. Hang in there, I know your fever blister(s) hurt, but they will go away and remember; they are contagious!

Be sure to check out Aloe Vera…The Healing Plant or Fever Blisters or Cold Sores for more home remedies.

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