End Herbal Remedies Confusion Now

By Rita Kennon

At the turn of the twenty first century, an estimated forty two percent of Americans used herbal remedies, raw herbs or other types of nutritional supplements as a part of their self-care routine. There are many thousands of people who have found that the herbal remedies and supplements of yesterday are still working for them today. On the other hand, there are many people who still doubt the virtues of herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

The skepticism of herbal remedies is understandable because of the many companies today that use outdated, low quality, ineffective herbs. One has to search out reliable companies that operate under strict FDA guidelines to find herbs, and high quality herbal remedies that actually work.

Did you know that most prescription drugs and medications were at some point derived from a natural substance? As a matter of fact, one fourth of the prescription drugs sold in the U.S. contain at least one active ingredient which was derived from a plant.

Before purchasing an herbal product, ask yourself the following 5 questions.

1. Do they provide standardization information?

2. Do they have an approval seal for the ingredients purity standard?

3. Have they been in business for a long time?

4. Does the company offer testimonials?

5. Do they offer a guarantee on their products?

These are the types of things you will want to research before purchasing an herbal supplement or alternative health product. The seemingly endless list of herbal remedies and alternative solutions go on and on. It seems you can either cure or greatly improve a wide variety of symptoms with some sort of alternative health solution. Sometimes disease is unavoidable, but many illnesses can be prevented by following a healthy diet, exercise, using herbs, and avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Herbal medicine simply works at dealing with the cause of disease or prevention, while modern medicine works at the effect or symptoms of the disease.

Maintaining a healthy digestive and immunity system in the body is critical to the good health of an individual. A healthy digestive system, and immunity system can easily be attained through adding the proper herbs to your healthy lifestyle. Your digestion supports energy, strength, detoxifies tissues, and helps you think clearer. A strong immunity system will help you avoid many illnesses. It will also ensure your body is able to fight off maladies such as cold, flu, degenerative diseases, and infections.

Some of the healthiest people never take any sort of conventional medications? Believe it or not, there are some folks that do not even use over the counter medicine for headaches. They either go without conventional medications and opt for a little lavender oil, or try an herbal remedy such as a cup of basil tea or a couple of willow bark or feverfew capsules to get rid of their minor pains. One of the reasons herbals have become more popular in the past decade is because people like being more in charge of their own health. Botanicals and dietary supplements are generally safer than prescription drugs when they are used appropriately.

Whether you are taking a supplement to maintain health and wellness, or to fight symptoms of disease, first make sure you find a reputable well established company that have good quality herbal remedies, herbal supplements, or raw herbs. It is always a good idea to consult with your physician and let them know what you are taking. This is especially necessary if you are taking any type of drugs, because sometimes different substances have adverse interactions with each other. If you do your research, and use precaution when using herbal remedies, you will find that they can help you in many ways in your quest for good health.

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