First Aid for Fainting

Fainting is a feeling of light-headedness and dizziness.

First Aid for Fainting

  1. Lower the head between the knees, if the patient is sitting on a chair.
  2. Or, let him lie flat with the head lower than the feet. This is done to draw blood to the head.
  3. Check pulse and respiration to see if breathing and pulse is strong. If the breathing is rapid and the pulse is strong, get a paper or plastic bag big enough to cover the face. Hold the bag over th nose and mouth and let patient breathe in and out slowly in the bag for a few minutes. If he does not recover after 15-20 minutes, bring the patient to the nearest hospital or clinic for medical attention.
  4. If the patient is not breathing and his pulse cannot be felt, prepare to give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Have someone call a doctor or get ready to transport the patient to the nearest hospital. If someone is able to do CPR, give CPR while the patient is being transported to the hospital. Stop only when the patient’s pulse becomes palpable and he is already breathing.
  5. Check if the patient is diabetic or not. Ask the family.

Herbal Medications

  1. Atis leaves ( english: Sugar apple, Sweet sop)
    • If the patient is breathing and his pulse is strong, crush atis leaves.
      • Let him/her smell the aroma of the juice. Put it over the nose for him to smell. Let the patient smell until his dizziness or fainting spell is out.
  2. Bayabas leaves ( english: Guava)
    • Crush guava leaves.
      • Let the patient smell the aroma, instructing him to take deep breaths. Put the crushed leaves over the nose for the patient to smell the essense of the leaves.

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