Hot Sitz Bath

A partial immersion bath covering the pelvic and the anal areas.


1. Relieves pain after rectal operation.
2. Hastens healing and cleaning of the operated area.
3. Relieves cramps and spasms in pelvic region and urinary bladder.
4. Stimulates pelvic circulation.
5. Relaxes urinary bladder.

Things Needed:

1. One large basin—deep enough for a person to sit in.
2. One smaller basin for the foot bath.
3. One small basin with ice or cold water and compress.
4. One towel, long enough to go around the head.
5. A sheet or blanket for wrapping around the body.
6. One bath towel.
7. One large kettle of boiling water.
8. One chair or stool.


1. Boil water in large kettle.
2. Put the large basin on the chair or on the floor, with small amount of hot water, hot enough for patient to sit in it.
3. Remove clothing, underwears and dressings if there are any. Drape with sheet or blanket.
4. Assist the patient to sit in the basin, placing the feet in the smaller basin of hot water.
5. Apply cold compress on the forehead and gradually add hot water to the sitz basin and the foot basin, increasing the water temperature to patient’s tolerance. Stir the water with the hand as you add the hot water. Be careful not to pour hot water on patient’s buttocks and feet.
6. Renew cold compress to the head as often as you can. Continue adding hot water for from 20 to 30 minutes.
7. At the end of the treatment, pour cold water to the sitz bath basin. Raise the feet and pour cold water to the feet and dry well.
8. Assist the patient out of the basin and give warm shower or sponge bath.
9. Let patient rest and keep warm after treatment.

Hot sitz bath is best done in the bathroom for the floor is likely to get wet.

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