Ice Pack

A local application of ice over a body segment.


1. Relieves pain.
2. Prevents or lessens black and blue discoloration due to capillary bleeding.
3. Stops bleeding specially if applied with pressure.
4. Prevents and reduces swelling.
5. Decreases blood flow to the area.
6. Constricts blood vessels, therefore decreases tendency to bleeding.

Things Needed:

1. Two bath towels.
2. Two safety pins.
3. Finely crushed ice—amount depends on the size of area to be treated.
4. A piece of flannel cloth or a baby’s blanket.
5. A piece of plastic.


1. Spread the finely crushed ice on the bath towel, forming a layer about one inch thick. Adjust the surface area as needed for the affected part. Wrap the ice and secure it with safety pins.
2. Wrap the area or joint with the flannel cloth or towel and place the ice pack, following the contour of the area.
3. Never apply an ice pack directly on the skin. Cover the packed ice with plastic and secure carefully to prevent the bed from getting wet.
4. Treatment time: 30 minutes to one hour. If there is burning sensation during the ice pack application, the ice pack is not well insulated. Add insulator or add towel or flannel cloth.
5. To end treatment, remove the pack, dry the area and observe reaction. Treatment may be repeated after two hours in acute injuries to relieve pain and swelling.
6. Cover or bandage area to avoid chilling, specially in acute sprain ankles.

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