Kakawate – Scientific name: Gliridia sepium (Jacg.) Steud.

Tagalog: Madre de Cacao, Kakawate

Medicinal Uses:

Medicine: Crude extracts have been shown to have antifungal activity. Reported to be expectorant, sedative and suppurative. Madre de cacao is a folk remedy for alopecia, boils, bruises, burns, colds, cough, debility, eruptions, erysipelas, fever, fractures, gangrene, headache, itch, prickly heat, rheumatism, skin tumours, ulcers, urticaria and wounds.

Food: Flowers can be fried and eaten.

Fodder: G. sepium leaves are rich in protein and highly digestible, and low in fibre and tannin. There is evidence of improved animal production (both milk and meat) in large and small ruminants when G. sepium is used as a supplement. Goats on G. sepium gained weight and maintained a positive N balance. However, non-ruminants fed on G. sepium have shown clear signs of poisoning. Perceptions of palatability vary greatly around the world. There are reports from India and Indonesia of limitations to its use because animals will not eat it. In some areas, such as Colombia and Sri Lanka, there is no palatability constraint and it is an important dry-season feed.

Apiculture: The flowers attract honeybees (Apis spp.), hence it is an important species for honey production.

Poison: The leaves, seeds or powdered bark are toxic to humans when mixed with cooked rice or maize and fermented. The mechanism of toxicity is not understood. G. sepium has found application as a rodenticide and general pesticide.

15 thoughts on “Kakawate – Scientific name: Gliridia sepium (Jacg.) Steud.

  1. Emma

    I am trying to use kakawate leaves as my hearbal insecticide by the use of effective micro organism to extract the leaves. Can you give more information about the use of kakawate leaves as insecticide? Am I doing it right ? PLease advice. Thank you>

  2. jovi ghale

    I am planning to use kakawate leaves as a factor of peanut germination.Can you give me more information about kakawate?
    hoping for your help….thanks….

  3. Ryan

    I started using it today with my dog who suffered skin disease i will update results after 2

  4. atejocel

    Hi! My dog have sarcopites mutes. I heard that KAKAWATE can cure my dog. If I bathe him with the boiled kakawate leaves, how long will it heal? Is it p_oisonous if my dog drink the liquid extracts?

  5. Jboy

    hi everyone,..in my study,,,..I boiled the kakawate bark to test if its extract is effective as a rodenticide…I also captured some rice-field rat samples as a test organism..everyday, I’m pouring some extract of kakawate bark on the sliced bread as a bait..after 3 days,I’m still waiting for the result..can you please help me with my research…some adjustments, ideas or tips to make my extracted kakawate bark effective as a rodenticide?…..pls help me….tnks a lot…

  6. Mae abad

    i am searching for an answer that what makes the madre cacao heals, how ? what are
    those elements or shall we say components that makes it kill the tiny mites in treating scabies, please i need some help and info… thankz.

  7. Jhon Paul mayo

    I am planning to use kakawate leaves as inticide for ampalaya.can’t you plss help me for the procedure ? I can’t accept your advice ,or opinion ,anything ..for this topic!

  8. Liam Garcia

    What are the components that Kakawate has that can cure Skin Allergy? Please tell me as soon as possible, thank you very much.

  9. German R. Sipin

    Thanks gathered lots of info on use of madre cacao plant as medicine on various skin problems. Can the boiled leaves be also use to cure psoriasis or red spots on skin?

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