Kamatsili – Scientific name: Pithecolobium dulce (Rozb) Benth.

Tagalog: Kamatsili

Tree 5-18 meters high, with pendulous branches, with short, sharp stipular spines. The leaves are evenly 2-pinnate, 4 to 8 cm long. The flowers are white, in dense heads, 1 cm in diameter. Pods are turgid, twisted, and spiral, 10 to 18 cm long, 1 cm wide, and dehiscent along the lower suture. Seeds are 6-8, with an edible, whitish, pulpy aril. The arillus is sweet when the fruit is ripe.

Medicinal uses:
Frequent bowel movements: Decoction of bark taken as tea. The leaves, when applied as plasters, used for pain, venereal sores. Salted decoction of leaves, for indigestion; also used as abortifacient.

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