Kaymito – Scientific name: Chrysophyllum cainito L.

English: Star apple
Tagalog: Kaymito

Spreading crown, grows to a height of 15 meters with numerous slender branches. Young tips are copper-collored and covered with hairs. Leaves are leathery, pointed at the tip, blunt or rounded at the base and covered with silky, golden-brown soft hairs.

Medicinal properties
Tonic, refreshing, antihelminthic

Cultivated for its edible fruit.

Parts used and preparation
Seeds, leaves, bark, fruit.

Medicinal uses:
Dysentery: Decoction of the bark.
Tonic: Infusion of the bark is tonic and refreshing.
Abscesses: Latex.
Antihelminthic: Dried latex.

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