Keep your Feet Happy, A Natural way to Natural Health

By Steve Arun

Summer is here and it is time to showcase those toes in a strappy sandal or sassy slide. Are your feet ready or are they in dire need of a little TLC and a major overhaul before they are shown to the world? Here are a few quick tips for keeping your tootsies healthy and beautiful:

Wear Comfortable Shoes: Allow your feet to breathe. Choose footwear that has a broad toe box, make sure the inside top of the shoe is well cushioned and has a soft bottom. Be mindful about the fitting of the shoe, it should not be tight nor loose fitted.

Care for Your Nails: Clipped, buffed toenails make your feet look and feel healthier. Apply a coat of clear or natural toned polish for an even higher gloss or, if you’re feeling festive, go for a color. Clean Feet, Clean Shoes: Do you have to hold your nose when you remove your shoes? Closed shoes and sweat are a breeding ground for odorous bacteria. Give yourself a fresh start by making sure your feet are clean and tidy before putting on your favorite shoes.

Sit Up Straight!: Yes, your mother always told you to do this for your posture, but did you know that it also helps your feet? Stooping puts extra weight on the fore foot area, that causes corns. Try Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is naturally good for skin and nails. Apply just a few drops of coconut oil on your feet and nails before going to bed. You can do so daily or twice a week.

Turmeric: And you thought it would just make your Indian dishes more tasty. Take a little of your coconut oil from above and mix it with tumeric powder to create a wrap. Apply to your feet once a week and wear for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Foot Workout: Keep your feet in great shape by exercising and stretching them regularly. As we all know, walking is one of the best exercises around. However, if your schedule doesn’t permit, just take a little time to stretch them under your desk while you go about your day.

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