List of Medicinal Plants in the Philippines

Below are lists of Philippines indigenous medicinal plants, just click the links to see the photos.

  • AdelfaScientific name: Nerium Indicum Mil; English: Oleander, Aldelfa; Tagalog: Aldelfa
  • AkapulkoScientific name: Cassia alata L.; English: Ringworm bush or shrub; Tagalog: Akapulko
  • Alagaw – Scientific name: Premna Odorata Blanco; Tagalog: Adiyo, Alagaw
  • Alugbati – Scientific name: Basella rubra Linn.; English: Malabar Night Shade; Tagalog: Alugbati
  • AlusimanScientific name: Portulaca olearacea L.; English: Purslane; Tagalog: Alusiman
  • AmarilloScientific name: Tagetes erecta Linn; English: Marigold; Tagalog: Amarillo
  • Ampalaya – Scientific name: Momordica charantia L. Amargoso; English: Bitter gourd, Bitter Melon; Tagalog: Ampalaya
  • Anonas – Scientific name: Anona reticulata Linn; English: Custard apple; Tagalog: Anonas
  • AtisScientific name: Anona squamosa L.; English: Sugar apple, Sweet sop; Tagalog: Atis
  • Atsuete – Scientific name: Biva orillana Linon; English: Annatto; Tagalog: Atsuete
  • Balanoy – Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum L.; English: Sweet Basil; Tagalog: Balanoy
  • Balete – Scientific name: Ficus stipulosa Miq. Linn.; Tagalog: Balete
  • Balimbing – Scientific name: Auerrhoa carambola L.; Tagalog: Balimbing
  • Banaba – Scientific name: Lagerstroemia speciosa Linn.; Tagalog: Banaba
  • Bawang – Scientific name: Allium sativum Linn.; English: Garlic; Tagalog: Bawang
  • BayabasScientific name: Psidium guajava L.; English: Guava; Tagalog: Bayabas
  • Bunga – Scientific name: Areca catechu L.; English: Betel-nut Palm; Tagalog: Bunga de China
  • Buyo – Scientific name: Piper beetle L.; English: Betel Leaf Pepper; Tagalog: Buyo anis, Ikmo
  • Kakaw – Scientific name: Theobroma cacao L.; English: Cocoa plant; Tagalog: Kakaw
  • Karot – Scientific name: Daucus carota Linn.; English: Carrot; Tagalog: Karot
  • Komprey – Scientific name: Symphytum officinale L.; English: Comfrey; Tagalog: Komprey
  • DuhatScientific name: Syszygium jambolanum; English: Black plum, java plum; Tagalog: Duhat
  • Gisol – Scientific name: Kaempferia galanga Linn.; Tagalog: Gisol
  • Gugo – Scientific name: Entada phaseikaudes K Meer; Tagalog: Gugo
  • Gumamela – Scientific name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn; English: China rose, Hibiscus; Tagalog: Gumamela
  • Herba Buena – Scientific name: Mentha cordifolia Opiz; English: Marsh mint; Tagalog: Herba Buena
  • Ipil-ipil – Scientific name: Leucaena glauca L.; Tagalog: Ipil-ipil
  • KaymitoScientific name: Chrysophyllum cainito L.; English: Star apple; Tagalog: Kaymito
  • Kakawate – Scientific name: Gliridia sepium (Jacg.) Steud.; Tagalog: Madre de Cacao, Kakawate
  • Kalatsutsi Scientific name: Plumeria acuminata Ait; English: Frangipani, Temple power, Graveyard flower Tagalog: Kalatsutsi.
  • Kamantigui Scientific name: Impatens balsamina L.; English: Touch me not balsam; Tagalog: Kamantigui.
  • Kamatsili Scientific name: Pithecolobium dulce (Rozb) Benth.; Tagalog: Kamatsili
  • KamiasScientific name: Hedychium coronarium; English: Ginger Lily; Tagalog: Kamais
  • Kamoteng KahoyScientific name: Manihot esculenta Crantz; English: Tapioca plant, Cassava; Tagalog: Kamoteng Kahoy
  • Kampanilya Scientific name: Allamandra cathartica L.; English: Yellow bell; Tagalog: Kampanilya
  • KangKongScientific name: Ipomea aquatica Torsk; English: Potato Vine, Swamp Cabbage; Tagalog: Kangkong
  • Kantutay Scientific name: Lantana camara L.; English: Coronitas; Tagalog: Lantana, Kantutay
  • KanyaPistulaScientific name: Cassia fistula L. ; English: Golden shower; Tagalog: Kanya pistula
  • Kataka-takaScientific name: Kalanchoe pinnata (Lam.) Pers.; English: Life plant; Tagalog: Kataka-taka
  • Kilaw – Scientific name: Curucuma domestica Valet; English: Turmeric; Tagalog: Luyang dilaw
  • Kugon – Scientific name: Imperata cylindrica L.Beauv.; English: Cogon grass; Tagalog: Kugon
  • KulitisScientific name: Amaranthus spinosus L.; English: Amaranth; Tagalog: Kulitis
  • Lagundi – Scientific name: Vitex negundo L.; English: Five-leaved Chaste tree; Tagalog: Lagundi
  • Langka – Scientific name: Artocarpus heterophylla Lmk.; English: Jackfruit; Tagalog: Langka
  • Labanos – Scientific name: Raphanus sativus Linn.; English: Radish; Tagalog: Labanos
  • Luya – Scientific name: Zingiber officinale Roscoe; English: Ginger; Tagalog: Luya
  • Mais – Scientific name: Zea mays L.; English: Corn; Tagalog: Mais
  • Makabuhay – Scientific name: Tinospora rumphii Boerl; Tagalog: Makabuhay
  • Makahiya – Scientific name: Mimosa pudica L.; English: Sensitive plant; Tagalog: Makahiya
  • Malunggay – Scientific name: Moringa oleifera Lam.; English: Horse raddish tree; Tagalog: Malunggay
  • Mangga – Scientific name: Mangifera indica Linn.; English: Mango; Tagalog: Mangga
  • Mansanilya – Scientific name: Chrysanthemum indicum L.; English: Indian chrysanthemum; Tagalog: Mansanilya
  • Mayana – Scientific name: Coeus blumei Benth; Tagalog: Mayana
  • Niyog-niyogan – Scientific name: Quisqualis indica L.; English: Burma cruper, Chinese honeysuckle; Tagalog: Niyog- niyogan
  • Okra – Scientific name: Abelmoschus esculentus L.; English: Okra; Tagalog: Okra
  • OreganoScientific name: Coleus aromaticus Benth.; English: Oregano; Tagalog: Oregano
  • Pandakaki-puti – Scientific name: Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir.; Tagalog: Pandakaki-puti
  • Pandan – Scientific name: Pandanus odoratissimus L.; English: Fragrant screwpine; Tagalog: Pandan
  • Pansit-pansitan Scientific name: Croton tiglium Linn. .; English: Peperomia pellucida Linn.; Tagalog: Pansit pansitan, Ulasimang bato
  • Papaya – Scientific name: Carica Papaya; English: Pawpaw, papaya; Tagalog: Papaya
  • Pinya – Scientific name: Ananas comosus; English: Pineapple ; Tagalog: Pinya
  • Patola – Scientific name: Luffa acutangula Linn.; English: Luffa ; Tagalog: Patola
  • Repolyo – Scientific name: Brassica oleracea Linn.; English: Cabbage ; Tagalog: Repolyo
  • Romero – Scientific name: Ros marinus officinalis L.; English: Rosemary ; Tagalog: Romero
  • Sabila – Scientific name: ALoe barbadensis Mill; English: Aloe vera ; Tagalog: Sabila
  • Sambong – Scientific name: Blumea balsamifera; English: Elumea, Ngaicamphor; Tagalog: Sambong
  • Sampalok – Scientific name: Tamarindus Indica L.; English: Ttamarind ; Tagalog: Sampalok
  • Singkamas – Scientific name: Pachyrrhizus erosus Linn.; English: Yam bean ; Tagalog: Singkamas
  • Tabako -Scientific name: Nicotiana tabacum L.; English: Tobacco ; Tagalog: Tabako
  • Takip-kohol -Scientific name: Centella asiatica L.; English: Indian hydocotyle ; Tagalog: Takip-kohol
  • Talong -Scientific name: Solanum melongena L. ; English: Eggplant ; Tagalog: talong
  • Talumpunay -Scientific name: Datura metel Linn.; English: Thorn apple ; Tagalog: Talumpunay
  • Tanglad -Scientific name: Andropogon citratus DC Stapf; English: Lemon grass ; Tagalog: Tanglad
  • Tuba – Scientific name: Croton tiglium Linn. .; English: Croton Oil Plant; Tagalog: Tuba
  • Tuba Bakod – Scientific name: Jatropha curcas , L., Euphorbiaceae ; English: physic nut, Barbados nut, purging nut; Tagalog: Tuba Bakod
  • Yacon – Scientific name: Polymnia sanchifolia; English: Yacon; Tagalog: Yakon

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One thought on “List of Medicinal Plants in the Philippines

  1. Nick V. Alojipan

    Please identify this medicinal plant. Appearance is very similar to cassava(non root producing) and the fruit is like that of Jathropa. Its medicinal use is for stomach pains and ailment. The plant material i.e green leaves, brown bark, twigs are boiled in water and drank as medicinal tea. The concoction taste and smell like paregoric. Local name is ” wild apyan” or native poppy shrub.

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