Makabuhay – Scientific name: Tinospora rumphii Boerl

Tagalog: Makabuhay

Makabuhay is a vine found throughout the Philippines. It contains a bitter principle, colombine, traces of an alkaloid, and a glucoside, berberine.

The Filipinos and Malay in general consider this vine as a universal medicine. The name in Tagalog means “to give life.” It is commonly used for stomach trouble, indigestion, diarrhea, and ulcers. It is known as a febrifuge, and is said to have anti-malaria properties. Recent studies in the Philippines have found it useful as an insecticide for rice crops. Not for pregnant women, as can cause abortions.

7 thoughts on “Makabuhay – Scientific name: Tinospora rumphii Boerl

  1. Annabelle Gimpisao

    You know I would like to share how this makabuhay plants work in me i mean in my life but of course God is my greatest healer. Before i took this herbal medicine I pray to God that this plant is just an instrument to cure my illness. I was diagnose of blood whitening and my situation gets worsen I was confined to hospital and and had several blood transfusion but still i didnt get well but weak and pale. I have also kidney problems and my diabetes almost agravate the situation but when i took this plant by 2 cups a day I get well until now im taking this and continually get well.

  2. max mangano

    where can i buy this plant tinosporo rumpii vine plants in californisa even on line order?

  3. max mangano

    i am intereted of buying this plant tinospora rumpii vine plants or called also guduchi

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