Malunggay Benefits – Scientific name: Moringa oleifera Lam.

English: Horse raddish tree
Tagalog: Malunggay
Scientific name: Moringa oleifera Lam.

Malungay is a tree found throughout the Philippines, including Mt. Banahaw. It is a common vegetable found in the market. They are a rich source of calcium and iron. The leaves are purgative, and diuretic.

– As high as 9 m; has a soft, white wood and corky, gummy bark. Root has the taste of horseradish. Each compound leaf contains 3-9 very thin leaflets dispersed on a compound (3 times pinnate) stalk. Flowers white and fragrant, producing long, pendulous, 9-ribbed pods. 3-angled winged seeds.
– Introduced from Malaya or some other part of tropical Asia in prehistoric times. Grown throughout the Philippines in settled areas as a backyard vegetable and as a border plant. Drought resistant and grows in practically all kinds of well-drained soils. Conserves water by shedding leaves during dry season.
– Propagation by seeds and stem cuttings.

– Galactagogue, rubefacient, antiscorbutic, diuretic, stimulant, purgative.

Grown throughout the Philippines as a vegetable or border plant.

Parts utilized
Flowers, leaves, young pods

Ben oil, 36% – palmitic, stearic, myristic, oleic, and behenic acids, phytosterin; two alkaloids the mixture of which has the same action as epinephrine.
Commercial Use
Oil, known as ben oil, extracted from flowers can be used as illuminant, ointment base, and absorbent in the enfleurage process of extracting volatile oils from flowers. The oil, applied locally, has also been helpful for arthritic pains, rheumatic and gouty joints.

Flowers, leaves and pods eaten as a vegetable.
Source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins.

Medicinal Use
Young leaves increases the flow of milk. Pods for intestinal parasitism.
Constipation: Leaves and fruit
Decoction of boiled roots used to wash sores and ulcers.
Decoction of the bark used for excitement, restlessness.
Pounded roots used as poultice for inflammatory swelling.
Juice of roots is used for otalgia.
Decoction of roots is use as gargle for hoarseness and sore throat.
Boiled leaves used to help increase lactation.
Seeds for hypertension, gout, asthma, hiccups, and as a diuretic.
Rheumatic complaints: Decoction of seeds; or, powdered roasted seeds applied to affected area.
Juice of the root with milk used for asthma, hiccups, gout, lumbago.
Poultice of leaves applied for glandular swelling.
Pounded fresh leaves mixed with coconut oil applied to wounds and cuts.
The flowers boiled with soy milk thought to have aphrodisiac quality.

42 thoughts on “Malunggay Benefits – Scientific name: Moringa oleifera Lam.

  1. Primitivo A. Enimido

    To all marginalized Filipinos, I encourage everyone to plant and propagate many Malunggay Trees. This is very useful to each and everyone of us, not only for food but also in medicinal uses. It has full of vitamins, calcium and potassium and etc. It can cure several kinds of diseases and help increase mother’s milk to those who has a child. In addition, it also helps the growth of the malnourished children and good health to all.

    This is less expensive and affordable compared to any medicines process in laboratories. By trying to execute self reliance, it is advisable to start and establish our own effort through planting in our backyards to combat the needs of our family every now and then, more specifically medicinal for health matters. Through our initiatives, surely we can acquire good health and at the same time, we can counter the keep on rising nutritional products distributed from the multi-national companies.

    Lastly, for now we should we be wise, creative and be an active self inventor of Malunggay. We should plant many Malunggay Trees to sustain our daily needs. This is very helpful to us and to others who are in needs. By so doing, not only we help our self but also we extend good deeds to others in our community in particular and to our town or city in general of which health of the populace is always the common problem of our local officials.

  2. ChaD

    thank you very much for making this one!!now i have some information for my project in BIOLOGY which Mr.June Baloria wants to make us herbal medicines!!
    thank you very much!!

  3. vhang


  4. emmanuel go


  5. JANE

    hi, i sell malunggay oil (food grade). you can contact me at can take it as your food supplement, massage oil, for foods, for your cosmetic/pharmaceutical ingredient.

  6. mark

    and also I incourage u 2 plant to prove that malungay plant is not only in herbal uses

  7. sheila

    badaw purgado na ako sa kallungay……………daghanun sun sa BulAN…………………………………

  8. farmer

    this is my main ingredient whenever i’m cooking bcoz i don’t hav money to buy those high price meat and other valuable foods. i also eat camote as substitute to rice.

  9. gen

    tnx for the im confident to have my information drive to the parents of less fortunate family about the importance of malunggay!!!yeehhhey..but gin kukulba ak gamay,student raku noh,den mga parents ako ka talk!hehehe..tnx bitaw.

  10. Emman Lao

    I have been researching about the real real name of malunggay in english. Some site say that Moringa is the english name and that it is not horse raddish. And some say it is horse raddish. It is only called horse raddish because the roots taste like one and is use as substitute. Can anyone verify this thank a lot.

  11. researcher

    .,uhmm..i just want to know some information on how malunggay helps in nourishing hairs..because it includes my research paper…tnx in advance….

  12. nikka joyce rivera

    malungay is very popular in our place,because its not expensive and at the same time it gives an almost complete nutrients,and also good for a pregnant women because malungay gives milk for breastfeeding……………………

  13. tessie

    bilib talaga ako sa dami ng sustansya na makukuha sa malungay kaya maipapayo ko sa lahat magtanim ng malungay ito ay madaling mabuhay thanks by weh>>>

  14. christine

    thanks to one who did this because I learn a lot from this and I apply it my daily livings

  15. MaLongerLife

    Malunggay for me is one of the opportunity that one must take a serious look.We started doing this for about two years now and yes the financial reward is exciting.we are now planning to export malunggay to US and some parts of the Globe.Join us in doing this.

  16. vanie

    We have always malunggay in our backyard during my infancy.I like very much specially tinola with fresh fish.Thank you so much for this arguments about malunggay it was very interested.

  17. Michaella KISOKAU

    thanks ,now I understand about the importance of this particular herbal plant maluggay so I can apply now to my daily livings. thanks so much to whoever did this.

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