Mangga ( Mango ) – Scientific name: Mangifera indica Linn.

English: Mango
Tagalog: Manga

Mangga is a fruit tree cultivated throughout the Philippines. The leaves are used in treatment of diabetes, for chronic diseases of the lungs, for asthma and colds. The flowers are used for diarrhea. The ripe fruit is said to be diuretic, laxative, and useful for constipation. The seed (pit/stone) of Manga is used for diarrhea and is considered anthelmintic. The seeds are also used for treating round worm.

Medicinal use:

  • In the Philippines, decoction of root is considered diuretic.
  • Bark and seeds are astringent. In Cambodia, used in hot lotions for rheumatism and leucorrhea.
  • Fluid extract, or infusion, used in menorrhagia, leucorrhea, hemorrhoidal bleeding, and hemorrhage from the lungs, nasal catarrh, and for lumbrici.
  • Resin is used for aphthous stomatitis.
  • Cough: Drink infusion of young leaves as needed.
  • Diarrhea: Take decoction of bark or kernel as tea.
  • Tea of powdered dried flowers, 4 times daily for diarrhea, urethritis.
  • Gum resin from the bark and fruit is used as sudorific; also as antisyphilitic.
  • Powdered dried leaves, 1 tbsp to a cup of warm water, 4 times daily, used for diabetes.
  • Decoction of leaves with a little honey used for loss of voice.
  • Gum resin from bark, mixed with coconut oil, used for scabies and other parasitic skin diseases.
  • Tea of leaves with a little honey used for hoarseness and aphonia, 4 glasses daily.
  • In India and Cambodia, solution of the gum from the bark is swallowed for dysentery.
  • Ashes of burned leaves used for scalds and burns.
  • Infusion of young leaves used in asthma and cough.
  • Root bark is a bitter aromatic, and in Sind, used for diarrhea and leucorrhea.
  • Juice of peel of unripe mangoes used for skin diseases.
  • Seed is vermifuge and astringent.
  • Seed is considered astringent, vermifuge; given in obstinate diarrhea and for bleeding piles.
  • Kernel or stone from the green mango considered an anthelmintic.
  • Juice of leaves used for dysentery.
  • For asthma, bleeding piles, chronic dysentery, hematemesis, menorrhagia, leucorrhea, and round worms, powdered seed is given, with or without honey.
  • In Indian traditional medicine, seeds used for vomiting, dysentery, diarrhea. Paste is made from seed, honey and camphor and applied over the vagina to make the vagina contracted and firm.

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