Oral Chelation Therapy

By Jason Montag

Chelation therapy has always been a major topic of debate and now there is an added problem. Oral chelation therapy has taken the chelation therapy procedure to a whole new level and replacing the injected EDTA with a pill form of EDTA. Some of the same people that arenot supporters of chelation therapy are also not believer in oral chelation therapy. The difference is that there are some supporters of traditional chelation therapy that do not buy into the oral chelation therapy idea. Actually these same people have some theories of why oral chelation therapy is actually harmful to the human body. We will go into the basics of their argument for you to use as a basis for your further investigation.

Scientists say that the human body only absorbs five percent of the EDTA that is taken orally leaving about ninety five percent of the EDTA in the body. The huge amount of EDTA consumed form oral chelation therapy can stick around and mix with the undigested food and continue to absorb the nutrients from the food like copper, zinc and chromium. The more the EDTA absorbs the less the body has access to absorb. The lack of these nutrients can lead to a body’s deficiency and lead to further problems. This can be a compelling argument against oral chelation therapy still many people and doctors are believers.

Another argument against oral chelation therapy but one that promotes traditional chelation therapy is the length of time that the EDTA is in the body. When a person is doing oral chelation therapy they are ingesting EDTA daily for along period of time. If the EDTA spends everyday absorbing nutrients away from the body the deficiency can occur. The way this differs from traditional chelation therapy is that the procedure can accomplish its desired effect in a month or so. This small window of time has less of a chance of leading to nutrient deficiency. Once the EDTA is out of the system there will be nothing for the body to compete with for the nutrients.

Regardless of whether you trust in oral chelation therapy or traditional chelation therapy from the start, both procedures are likely here to stay. The popularity of oral chelation therapy has been increasing recently and there is no saying how much more popular it will get. Check with your doctor if you are thinking of using chelation therapy to treat an ailment or buying oral chelation therapy pills. Be healthy and feel happy.

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