Pandan – Scientific name: Pandanus odoratissimus L.

English: Fragrant screwpine
Tagalog: Pandan

Erect, branched small tree, growing 3-5 meters, the trunk bearing many prop roots. Leaves are spirally crowded toward the ends of the branches, linear lanceolate, slenderly long-acuminate, up to 1.5 meters long, 3-5 cm wide, the margrins and midrib armed with sharp spiny teeth pointing toward the apex of the leaf. The male inflorescence is fragrant, pendulous, up to 0.5 meter long. Fruit is solitary, pendulous, ellipsoid to globose-ellipsoid, about 20 cm long, composed of 50-75 obovoid, angular, fibrous and fleshy drupes, 4-6 cm long, narrow below and truncate at the apex.

In thickets along seashores throughout the Philippines.

Parts utilized
Leaves and roots.

Constituents and characteristics
Essential oil, alkaloids, glycosides and tannin.
The prop roots possess diuretic properties.

Medicinal uses
Diuretic: Take decoction of fresh or dried prop root as tea.
Headache, arthritis, stomach spasms: Decoction of leaves. Poultice of fresh leaves mixed with oil also used for headaches.
Culinary: An aromatic leaf used to perfume rice dishes.
Wound healing: Pulverized dried leaves used to facilitate wound healing.
Poultice of mash of cabbage of plant, mixed with salt and juice of Citrus microcarpa, for abscesses.

Decoction of roots believed to have aphrodisiac and cardiotonic properties.
Also used for arthritis and to prevent spontaneous abortion.
Chewing the roots strengthens the gums.
Decoction of roots combined with sap of banana plant for urethral injections for variety of urinary complaints.

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