Salt Gargle

Letting hot salt solution roll in the throat for a few seconds.


1. Relieves throat congestions.
2. Relaxes throat muscles.
3. Reduces inflammation.
4. Relieves throat itchiness.
5. Relieves sore throat.

Things Needed:

1. Two glasses of hot water.
2. One teaspoonful of salt—1/2 tsp. salt per glass of water.
3. One teaspoon.


1. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt into a glass of hot water. Temperature should be as hot as can be tolerated for drinking. Stirwith teaspoon till salt is melted.
2. Salt gargle should be done in the bathroom sink.
3. Sip enough water and let it roll freely in the throat for a few seconds before spewing the water out into the sink.
4. Continue the procedure of throat gargle till all the 2 glasses of salt solution is consumed.
5. If sore throat is severe with harsh voice, salt gargle may be repeated every two hours when awake.
6. Throat gargle is best done after meals.
7. For best result, don’t drink cold drinks until sore throat is healed.

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