Starch Bath

An immersion bath in starchy water for a soothing effect.


1. Relieves skin irritation.
2. Soothes burning and itching sensations.
3. Tendency to dry skin.

Things Needed:

1. Bath tub. For babies, big basin may be used.
2. Big drum or plastic water container for adults, big enough to soak the whole body.
3. Two glasses of starch or “gawgaw” for adult; 1/2 glass for babies and children.
4. One bath towel.
5. Face towel.


1. Fill up the tub 2/3 full with warm water. Water should be deep enough to immerse the affected areas. Use bath tub if whole body is affected.
2. Melt the starch in cold water in a small basin. Mix well the melted starch into the tub of water.
3. Undress the patient and assist him into the tub.
4. With the face towel, bathe the parts not immersed. Wet the head or hair if the scalp is affected. Immerse patient for 20 minutes, but do not rub him with the towel.
5. After 20 minutes, drain the water and pat dry the patient with the dry towel. Don’t give shower or rinse the starch. Don’t use soap even for washing hands, unless a specific soap is ordered by the physician.
6. Keep patient warm and avoid chilling.
7. Give daily bath or twice a day, depending upon the patient’s condition.

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