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Scabies Home Treatment

Scabies (“galis aso”) is a contagious disorder of the skin caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, characterized by multiform lesions with intense itching which occur mostly at night.

Water Treatments

  1. Daily bath with soap and water. Change into clean clothes every after bath, including underwears.
  2. Put under the sun all beddings used. at night: mat, pillows,sheets, blankets and night clothes.
  3. Sleep alone to prevent contaminating other members of thefamily.
  4. Always keep clean. Wash hands, feet and face, or take a bath before sleeping.

How to Get Rid of Scabies Using Herbal Treatments

  1. Makabuhay vine hot tub bath. ( scientific name: Tinospora rumphii Boerl )
    • Chopped a meter long vine and boil in one gallon water for 15 minutes. Add enough water to fill up one plastic pail big enough to completely soak a child, if the whole body is infected.
      • For adults, use the decoction for hot compress on the affected parts only.
  2. Kalatsutsi leaves ( english: Frangipani, Temple power, Graveyard flower)
    • Boil a cup chopped fresh leaves and a small branch in 1/2 cup coconut oil fo 5 minutes. Let cool and keep in bottle for future use. Apply on the infected body part liberally after taking a bath.
  3. Mangga gum resin or sap ( english: Mango)
    • Mix well the gum resin or sap taken from the mango trunk or bark with oil. Apply liberally on the affected part, 2 times a day every after bath and in the evening before sleeping.
  4. Kakawate leaves ( scientific name: Gliridia sepium (jacg.) Steud.)
    • Extract juice from the leaves. Apply on the affected parts after taking a bath, and at bedtime.

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