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Mayana – Scientific name: Coeus blumei Benth

Tagalog: Mayana

Erect, branched, fleshy annual herb, about 1 m high. Stems, purplish and 4-angled. Leaves are blotched or colored, ovate, 5-10 cm long, with toothed margins. Flowers are purplish, numerous, in simple or branched inflorescences, 15-30 cm long.

Introduced in the Philippines. Cultivated for ornamental purposes.

Volatile oils.

Parts used and preparation
Seeds, bark, and wood.

Medicinal uses:
Bruises and sprains: Crush or pound 10-12 leaves and apply over the ankles, wrists or affected areas for 30 minutes, three times daily. Use a bandage to hold the poultice in place.
Carminative: Take decoctions of leaves.
Headache: Pound leaves and apply over temples and nape.
Mild bleeding of wounds: Wash the young leaves; crush and extract the juice. Drop a few drops of the juice directly on the wound. Apply the crushed leaves as poultice.
Sinusitis: Heat 10-12 fresh leaves over a fire; apply while still hote over the forehead for the frontal sinues or over the cheeks for the maxillary sinuses, twice daily.
Decoction, taken internally for dyspepsia; also used as eyedrops for eye inflammation.