Takip-kohol – Scientific name: Centella asiatica L.

English: Indian hydocotyle
Tagalog: Takip-kohol

  • A prostrate, creeping sparingly hairy or nearly smooth herb. The stems rooting at the nodes.
  • Leaves: rounded to reniform, 2 to 5 cm wide, horizontal, more or less cupped, rounded at the tip, and kidney-shaped or heart-shaped at the base, palmately veined, scalloped margins, the rounded lobes often overlapping. Petioles erect, 3 to 20 cm and long.
  • Flowers: petals dark-purple, ovate, and about 1 long. Peduncles occur in pairs or threes, less than 1 cm long and usually bear 3 sessile flowers. Flowering October to May.
  • Fruits: minute, ovoid, white or green, and reticulate, each with 9 subsimilar longitudinal ridges
  • 5 carpels, cylindric compressed, about 2.5 mm long, white or green, reticulate. Ovary inferior. Stamens 5, epigynous.

Found in gardens; open, damp grasslands on rice paddy banks and streams throughout the Philippines.

Parts utilized

  • Entire plant.
  • Gather drug material anytime of the year.

Bitter principle, vellarin; pectic acid.
Chemical analysis of the plant shows the presence of vallarine, high vitamin B content in the leaves and roots, and a miscellany of other constituents such as carbohydrates, resins, proteins, ash, alkali, alkaline salts, phosphates, and tannins.

Medicinal uses

  • Infectious hepatitis, measles, respiratory tract infections – colds, tonsillitis, laryngopharyngitis, bronchitis.
  • Fresh material: 60 to 260 gms, dried material: 30 to 60 gms: Take in form of decoction.
  • Counterirritant: Pound fresh leaves, mix with vaseline or oil and apply over affected area as poultice.

8 thoughts on “Takip-kohol – Scientific name: Centella asiatica L.

  1. gladys d. abatteng

    My friend had a problem in urinating. she feels the urge to urinate but when she urinates, very little amount comes out.Unknowingly, a friend invited her to have coffee at their house.My friend was surprise to see her friend pick a leaf from a flower pot in their yard and included it in their coffee. When she went home she passed by this plant along the pathway, she got some of it and planted in a small flower pot.Every time she had tea or coffee she just picked some of the leaves and included it. In her surprise after a month, she could feel that the way she urinates has been improved from the painful and little urine coming out to a feeling of relief…she said she never had taken any medicine except the takip kuhol, a lowly weed found everywhere…thanks to the friend who introduced it….

  2. ivy simon

    will you please tell me where i can procure some of these to plant in Cebu, bec i dont know its cebuano name.

    ivy simon

  3. Yhan

    Gosh did you kbow that this is the main ingredient of those thousands worth of skincare products specifically for acne. Maglalaga nalang ako neto saka ko itatapal sa muka ko .#skl

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