How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil

Now a days this miraculous alternative medicine is already gaining popularity. Maybe due to fad, but the growing number of user who testifies the efficacy of this product is I think a big factor. My interest on this product becomes more intense when I saw our neighbor who uses virgin coconut oil to cure her hypertension and athritis.

She make her own virgin coconut oil and taught me how to do it. A very tedious task but if you are patient enough you can do it too.

So here it is:

  • First of all you must get and select a very mature coconut. You can start at two or three coconuts. This is very important because if you choose a young or immature coconut, you will not get enough coconut oil.
  • Then you must grate the coconut meat which you can ask the someone to do it.
  • Try to find a big jar with wide mouth. Then extract the coconut milk from the grated coconut by putting a handful in a piece of cloth or “katsa”. Wrap and wring the katsa to extract the milk.
  • When you have finished extracting the milk, leave it for 24 hours in the jar in an isolated place. After 24 hours, scoop the curd with a spoon on the top until you see the oil. Then slowly scoop the virgin coconut oil in a clean jar or bottle. Now you have it. A home made virgin coconut oil !

There is a better option, you can freeze the coconut milk after 24 hours so you won’t have to scoop the oil since the curd and oil are already hardened, it is easy for you to separate the curd and the oil.
I’m Also a believer when I try virgin coconut oil myself. Everyday I take a sip directly on the bottle and take a glass water to relieve my itchy throat after taking it. It lowers my blood pressure and feel energetic all day even if I lack sleep or sleep very late at night. Since it’s vey hard to make it just buy the commercial one in jars.

5 thoughts on “How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil

  1. lolita navarro

    hi, good morning here in winnipeg, manitoba. there some people selling virgin coconut oil. is there an expiration for this.
    thank you have a great day. God ble.

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